What Is Responsive Design?

You have probably heard of responsive design but might not be sure what it is. Is it just a trend or something you need to pay attention to? Back in the day, web and print design both followed similar layout rules. Both were quite static, with everything in it’s place, elements never moving. While you can create some cool layouts by designing this way, to keep up with today’s technology, we need to design differently.

Enter responsive design. Basically it just means that a site readjusts itself as the screen resizes. A responsive site will look like it was built for that size screen, whether viewed on a small screen or a large one. This website is responsive, just as an example. Go ahead and test it out! Grab the side of the browser and make it smaller. Everything rearranges itself as the screen gets smaller.

Why Is It Important?

In this day and age, it’s unlikely that everyone will view our site on the same size screen. This is where responsive design comes in. It won’t matter if your someone is reading your site on their iPhone or their 27″ desktop when a site is designed responsively. It will still look great on either screen! Common screen sizes are changing and being updated at a fast pace. Designing responsively is a good way to make sure you don’t need to do a redesign in a month when a new phone size comes out.

Most modern web designers will automatically account for responsive design. Still, it’s a good thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a designer. Check to see if the designer’s site itself is responsive, or if the examples in their portfolio are. If so, that’s a good indicator that they’re designing responsively!

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