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Owner / Designer

Jennifer has been designing since 2011 and has worked with clients around the globe. She has recently changed to designing sites exclusively in WordPress using the Divi theme because it’s easier for clients to maintain, and very flexible to design with.



Creative Inspiration Officer

Carlita has been inspiring creativity and dreaming of mice since 2005. She doesn’t know Photoshop, but she does know how to snuggle, sleep, and ask for food. Her superpowers include chewing through a power cord and climbing to the highest spot in a room.

Recent Projects

7 Things to Know About Website Copy

Website copy is the paragraph text of your website. The stuff you labor over and then people skim through. But how can you make it better? While I'm no expert, here are some quick tips to keep in mind when writing your website copy. 1. Write Like a Real Person There's...

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What is Responsive Design & Is It Something I Need?

What Is Responsive Design? You have probably heard of responsive design but might not be sure what it is. Is it just a trend or something you need to pay attention to? Back in the day, web and print design both followed similar layout rules. Both were quite static,...

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