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Owner / Designer

Jennifer has been designing since 2011 and has worked with clients around the globe. She has recently changed to designing sites exclusively in WordPress using the Divi theme because it’s easier for clients to maintain, and very flexible to design with.



Creative Inspiration Officer

Carlita has been inspiring creativity and dreaming of mice since 2005. She doesn’t know Photoshop, but she does know how to snuggle, sleep, and ask for food. Her superpowers include chewing through a power cord and climbing to the highest spot in a room.

Recent Projects

Site Launch – Storks By The Sea

I recently launched a fun site called Storks by the Sea. It's for a rental company that rents storks signs to be used for baby announcements! We used a super cute cloud motif throughout the site, giving it a light and whimsical feel. If you're in the Rhode Island area...

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You Are Not Your Target Market

It's important to know your target market. But guess what? They're not you! Remember that you would never buy what you're selling because you already know how to make it. Your target market is happy to pay you for your expertise! Whether you're selling products or...

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Color Theory for Branding

When it comes to bringing in clients, using a little color theory can really be to your benefit. There’s a psychology to color that is good to keep in mind when building your branding. Some colors inspire trust, while others build excitement. Keep in mind, too, that...

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